Regular Savings for Expats

For years, the default savings option for many expat financial advisors has been the 'offshore regular savings plan'. Produced by familiar brands and some of the world's largest insurance companies, they project an image of quality and security, but the reality is quite different. Most insurance-wrapped offshore savings plans are expensive and use costly funds, producing disappointing results for thousands of investors.

How advisors are paid is a cause of debate as large commissions are earned for making a sale, not giving advice. Although long-term contracts are often sold, the average term completed is only 7 years, so unless your advisor is committed for the whole contract the risk of losses is high. 

Contractual plans provide access to a range of funds that can be purchased in small amounts, but the restrictions and fees erode the likelihood of satisfactory results. Motivation to manage policies throughout the term, often up to 25 years, also wavers owing to expat financial advisors being paid at the outset,

Commission - what did I pay?

If you want to know why you're unhappy with your policy, it helps to understand advisor remuneration which is based on the total of payments due over the contracted term, not on funds invested, so the larger contributions for a longer term, means advisor payments are higher. The plans are 'front loaded', so charges are deducted from the first two years contributions to pay advisor commission, making them more restrictive and worthless if cancelled in the early stages.

The 'initial period' ranges from between 6 and 24 months, during which time closing a policy early means forfeiting payments until that point. Therefore, terminating a 25 year plan with a 24 month initial period after just 4 years (48 months) could result in a 50% loss of contributions. 

To calculate the amount of commission an advisor is paid the following formula is used, with this example of $2,000 a month for a 25 year term:

  • Term of contracted term: 25 years

  • Contracted contributions: $2,000 per month ($24,000 a year)

  • Total amount payable over contracted term: $24,000 X 25 years = $600,000

  • Commission payable: $600,000 X 4.4% = $26,400

I Have a Savings Plan - Should I Stay Or Go?
What are the alternatives?

Investment platforms can receive regular payments without restrictions. Using either direct debits or ad-hoc cash transfers, monthly or quarterly payments are possible that can coincide with investment reviews, promoting regular contact with your advisor, improving service and outcomes. 


Platform charges are low and underlying fund and advisors fees clearly visible. Securities can be liquidated easily without penalty and monies returned quickly, providing a flexible savings vehicle to invest in when it suits you.

If this your dilemma and you'd like to learn how lost performance from your offshore savings plan can be recovered over time, get in touch today and we'll show you options with the best possible results.

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