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Expat Advisors is a team of qualified specialists providing financial expertise to expatriates worldwide. In pursuit of the best possible results, our transparent, unbiased guidance helps hundreds of international investors make educated financial decisions every year.           

How can we help you?

We believe that fair and transparent financial advice should be accessible to everyone. Our knowledge and expertise in expat financial services guarantees you the best possible solutions every time.

Pension Transfers

Advice if pension transfers to a QROPS or an International SIPP is right for you.

Expat Insurance

Life insurance and critical illness cover can protect your family against all eventualities. 

Currency Services

Find the best possible foreign exchange rates and save on your international money transfers. 

Investments & Savings

Invest lump sums and regular savings with flexible and secure investment platforms.  

Wills & Probate

With simple planning you can ensure your assets go to those you love after you've gone.

Relocating Overseas

If you are moving house, country or continent, you'll want the best possible logistical solutions.

Need a New Advisor?

Looking for a new advisor? Get a fresh opinion on getting the best from your investments.

Property & Mortgages

Property investments opportunities and  funding is easier thank you think.

Good to Know

A guide to avoiding simple but costly errors when making financial and investment decisions.

What we do and why

Expensive offshore investments create poor results for thousands of expat investors. We are changing that by providing fee-based financial expertise to investors worldwide, using only fully regulated investment providers based in the UK.                                      

Our advisors are selected for their integrity and exemplary record of consumer outcomes, assuring you of the highest levels of professionalism at all times.  


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