Foreign Exchange & Money Transfers

It can be a surprise to learn how much banks charge for currency services. In addition to transfer fees, poor exchange rates mean you could be spending more than you thought.

Bank fees can range between £10 and £30 (or $,€) for the transaction itself before a 'bid-offer spread' (the difference between the bank's buying and selling price) of a further 3%-7% is applied. So a transfer of £1,000 could cost you 10%, a huge £100 of the transaction value.

Expat Advisors use currency specialists that compete for your business to bring costs down. Without initial transfer charges, fees are taken from a small bid-offer spread and is factored into the transfer value, equating to a fraction of what banks charge.

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With low transfer minimums in any traded currency, paying expensive transfer fees can be thing of the past. Accounts can be managed via email, telephone or online to save you time, money and effort without having to leave your home or office. To learn more, complete our contact form and we'll show you how to make significant savings on your foreign exchange transfers.