Expat Mortgages & Property

If you're purchasing real estate at home or overseas, finding the funding for your property can be easier than you thought. Whether it's a property to call home or to rent out, we'll help you find buy-to-let, repayment and interest only mortgages at the cheapest prevailing rates.  

Property is a asset class that forms part of most portfolios, but a lack of time and long distances for expats can create obstacles. If this sounds like you, you could consider end-to-end specialists that offer properties in some of the world's most exciting and lucrative developments. They'll arrange the legal aspects, find you a mortgage, rent the property out, decorate and even furnish the property for you, so you get all the benefits but without the usual stress of fixed-asset purchases.         

Simple Mortgage Reviews

Once a mortgage has been arranged, it's important not to underestimate just how much can be saved with regular mortgage reviews. Mortgages are often considered as 'not broken don't fix it', and that's a costly mistake to make as you may be much paying more than you need to.

The lending market is competitive so take advantage of the constant offers and promotions available. It's easy to reduce the interest you pay and when a deal expires, advisors will do their best to find the next offer and reduce your outgoings.

Costs can vary, but switching deals with your existing lender may be free and similarly, if you move to a new lender your advisor may get paid a fee but again, cost you nothing. 

Any upfront costs incurred should be offset by lower mortgage repayments. For an additional fee you can may be able to pay for a 'lifetime service' that offers unlimited reviews every time your current deal expires. 

Most countries' lending criteria differs greatly so it is vital to receive expert guidance so your dream purchase stays exactly that. If you would like to learn more about securing the finance required or a property itself, get in touch today and you'll get the guidance you need. 

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